We are building FHIR-based products because we want a world with better healthcare technology.

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The problem

Clinical data is being produced at an exponential level but we aren’t storing and exchanging all this information efficiently enough.

  • Each institution has their own system of storing data, making it extremely difficult to exchange data between hospitals, health institutions or patients
  • Difficulty in exchanging data leaves a lot of room for error when transferring health data from one institution to another
  • No easy way to connect patient-generated data with clinical data or public health records
  • Closed APIs also means we can’t use AI to process all this health data efficiently

How FHIR solves it

HL7® FHIR® is a standard for storing and exchanging electronic healthcare data among hospitals, health institutions, and patients. 

  • FHIR has a level of consistency that hasn’t been seen in other data standards
  • Using FHIR will provide greater access to patient data and clinical data
  • FHIR allows health institutions to implement standardized, safe and efficient APIs
  • FHIR also makes it possible to process health data using AI

Here’s how FHIR is a real game-changer for Health IT

It’s a shift towards putting patients in control

Opening up health data also allows app developers to create impactful, patient-facing apps that can give patients control and access over their own data. FHIR also makes it possible to connect clinical data with Personal Health Records (PHR).  

A step towards data transparency

Health data shouldn’t be stuck in siloed Electronic Health Records (EHRs). Data-centric architectures and open APIs can unlock infinite possibilities for health data. This can greatly improve the way patients and doctors use data to monitor and improve health.

And a giant leap towards AI and data analytics

Clinical data is being produced every minute of every day. With this volume of information, healthcare workers need AI to use and analyze data. FHIR data structures provide an easy way to slice and dice data for efficient analytics.

Imagine a world on FHIR

FHIR is the first step to an interoperable health ecosystem. Here’s how that could look like for doctors, patients and clinicians:

  • Patients can access their clinical records and medical history on their phones
  • Health data won’t get lost in translation when switching hospitals (less error)
  • New doctors can view all your health records to make sounder choices for treatment
  • Health providers can automate clinical support and process health data with AI

Ready to join the movement?

FHIR is creating an interoperable future for healthcare systems around the world.

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