The FHIR Business Alliance (FHIRBall) is a global partnership co-founded by 1upHealth, AEGIS, Firely, and Smile Digital Health. Our companies have been heavily involved with HL7® FHIR® (Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources) since its beginning. We all believe FHIR is driving major changes in health IT and, in turn, driving progress in healthcare by enabling true interoperability through standard, safe and efficient APIs. Our purpose as FHIRBall is to expand FHIR knowledge, spread awareness about health interoperability and build more interoperable FHIR solutions around the world.

Together, we join forces to expand the market for FHIR products and services, as well as FHIR-based tools and solutions. Why? Because we believe every patient and healthcare worker deserves the best that technology has to offer. By spreading FHIR, we can enable openness and better collaboration within the healthcare industry.

Through each of our businesses, we strive to propel the healthcare industry forward through the community-based approach of HL7 and the FHIR Foundation.

Our values

These are our core values, rooted in the principles of the FHIR community:

  1. Firstly, we believe healthcare data belongs to the patient or care provider, not the vendor.
  2. We put patients and healthcare providers first, by creating safe and standardized APIs.
  3. We avoid vendor lock-in by using open and standardized APIs to give access to data.
  4. We support open standards, open-source and open communities.
  5. We actively contribute to the FHIR standard and provide support to the FHIR community, with the intention of increasing healthcare IT standards globally.
  6. We put developers first by providing accessible platforms, events, training, and other developer-friendly products to create a developer community focused on FHIR.
  7. Lastly, we build interoperable solutions based on open standard FHIR APIs, leading the driving change in healthcare.

Do you want to drive the future of healthcare?

We are looking for like-minded businesses and individuals who share our core values and our passion for FHIR and interoperability.

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