“At Health Samurai, we want to transform care delivery with great software. We believe that an open, connected healthcare application ecosystem will drive higher quality care and lower costs. To help make this happen, we have a simple plan: give people the tools they need to build life-changing technologies and handle healthcare data the right way. We believe that when you empower people with the right data and tools, amazing things happen.

We have been a part of the FHIR movement since its early days and interpreted FHIR as a framework for the development of high-quality open systems for healthcare. In 2015 we started building the Aidbox platform to put together and re-use FHIR and our best engineering ideas. Aidbox saves years of work and improves quality. Nowadays, Aidbox powers a few dozens of cloud EHR systems, telemedicine platforms, care coordination solutions, patient-facing mobile applications, data analytics products, and more.”


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  • FHIR Server

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  • Pharmaceutical
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