For over 20 years, the Drummond experts have helped organizations understand interoperability and security standards, test their systems and solutions, and meet the certification and compliance requirements they need to operate their business and improve market trust in their solutions.

The compliance and certification standards we support include ONC 2015 Cures Act, FHIR®, PCI, HIPAA, DEA-EPCS AND CSOS, B2B EDI, AS2, AS4 and more. Now certifying ONC (g)(10) US Core, CARIN BB, and CMS Patient API FHIR Implementations.

Service Area

  • Global (All)

Services / Products

  • FHIR Testing & Validation
  • Consulting / Professional Services
  • FHIR Training

Industries Served

  • Health Insurance / Payers
  • Certification Bodies
  • Health IT Vendors
  • Digital Health
  • App Developers
  • Payers