Touchstone by AEGIS is your easy-to-use platform that accelerates the development and deployment of interoperable and secure healthcare applications. The system provides a repeatable litmus test to decisively measure FHIR implementations. Whether you are building, changing, or buying healthcare applications, Touchstone’s powerful automated tests will ensure true interoperability.

Test-driven development support enables healthcare technology developers to meet regulatory requirements without extra effort. Rigorous testing ensures your success at building systems that work seamlessly together by providing immediate feedback on the conformance of your system build.

AEGIS supports FHIR validation for both small and large interoperability programs seeking to advance their use of FHIR. Whether your goal is a cleaner, smoother build or to certify the systems you work with – rely on the people that authored the FHIR Test Script resource to know you are getting it right.

Maturity Level 3 in CMMI-DEV, Maturity Level 3 in CMMI-SVC+SSD FHIR Proficient Staff

Service Area

  • Global (All)
  • EMEA
  • APAC

Services / Products

  • FHIR Server
  • FHIR Testing & Validation

Industries Served

  • Hospitals / Hospital Systems / Providers
  • Health Insurance / Payers
  • Specialty Healthcare Providers
  • Government Administration
  • Certification Bodies
  • Health IT Vendors
  • Medical Devices / Equipment