FHIRBall COVID-19 efforts

Photo by Brian McGowan


The COVID-19 pandemic is impacting healthcare and society profoundly. People are isolating themselves, hospitals are filling up, healthcare workers are being exposed to high levels of risk and everyone is at risk of becoming ill.

Many of us wish to use our skills to help but don’t have an outlet to pitch in. The members of the FHIR Business Alliance are working together to create open-source tools for the community to use in response to this crisis. We will align our efforts to those of others working in the fight against this disease around the world. 

We have started with the vision of an open-source COVID-19 focused pandemic toolkit that enables people to get information, report their status and track their movements. The system will work for both healthcare professionals and members of the public, enabling each to report information electronically. The information gathered can be used by public health officials to track the spread of the disease, interact with the population and get help where it is needed. It will be used to create reports that are based on information received from participants and it will share information as is allowed by policy.

We expect that in addition to getting information from users, the system will distribute information to users. The users should get accurate information about local services, tools to interact with public health, and ways to request assistance from the community.

The project is looking for people to contribute effort and ideas. Roles include:

  • Project management
  • Clinical subject matter experts and analysts
  • IT Architecture (data, technology, application, security, etc)
  • UI/UX specialists
  • Front end developers
  • Backend developers
  • Database specialists
  • Testers
  • Anyone with ideas and time

The first version of the app was built for the Canadian context by Smile CDR. Geographic localization is one of the efforts that need attention.

Please contact sandy.vance@aegis.net, ricky@1up.health, rien@fire.ly or cng@smilecdr.com if you would like to participate. Alternatively, visit our GitHub location: Git repo: https://github.com/hapifhir/covid-response-app to share or extend what we are working on.